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Diamond Legends
FCA Softball grows through the influence of Jennie Finch, Dot Richardson, Leah O'Brien-Amico and Patty Gasso.
U.S. Soccer’s Lauren Cheney is focused on scoring goals, winning Olympic gold, and bringing glory to her Heavenly Father.

Ones to Watch
Christian athletes competing for Christ on the world’s greatest athletic stage this summer.

Fit4Ever: The Olympic Difference
Jimmy Page explains that without doing, desires become unfulfilled dreams.

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In the Zone
All-Star center fielder Andrew McCutchen breaks down FCA’s 2012 camp theme
WNBA superstar Maya Moore’s first season was filled with awards and championships. What could possibly be next

Faith in the Philippines
As part of its focused international efforts, FCA is bringing the love of Christ to the islands of Southeast Asia.

Fit4Ever: Be Aggressive
Jimmy Page explains how to honor our calling as followers of Christ by taking care of our physical health and preventing disease before it starts.

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March/April 2012
Zeller Mania

There’s more than just hoops hype surrounding one of Indiana’s favorite sports families—most notably a deep faith in Christ. 
After experiencing rock bottom, former Oklahoma FCA Athlete of the Year Brian Presley knows what it means to be rescued by Christ. 

Seeing the Light
Athletes play through injuries all the time, but what happens when one robs you of your sight? If you’re Melissa Jones, you keep on playing and praising God.

Fit4Ever: Swap It Out
Jimmy Page gives advice on how to make wise decisions when choosing healthy alternatives.

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Jan/Feb 2012
Cool as Ice

Not even Minnesota blizzards can shake the faith of Vikings Head Coach Leslie Frazier
The faith and brotherhood of University of Illinois wrestlers B.J. Futrell and Eric Terrazas

On a Mission
This season, members of the Purdue University women’s basketball team are maximizing the spiritual momentum they gained overseas.

Fit4Ever: Sleep Debt
Jimmy Page gives four strategies to get and stay out of sleep debt.

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Nov/Dec 2011
Landry Jones and more than 50 college gridiron stars tell how Jesus Christ has made the ultimate difference in their game
How faith has helped Patriots running back Danny Woodhead make a career out of exceeding expectations.

Home Court
Volleyball coach Carrie Prewitt never expected to become the mother of three teenage daughters. But after accepting the role, she’s uncovered a priceless gift from God.

Fit4Ever: The Food Idol
When we get disconnected from the Lord, we start searching for substitutes to satisfy which can quickly become idols.

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October 2011
In Full Swing
In his first season in Boston, power-hitting first baseman Adrian Gonzalez is making a big impact on Red Sox Nation—and we’re not just talking stats.
Tulsa’s Bill Blankenship takes the helm at his alma mater, ready to stir up a storm.   

Fire In the Islands
After a single spark ignited FCA at the University of Hawaii, athletes, coaches and community members are being engulfed by the flames of faith.

Fit4Ever: The Pesticide Trap
The more we know about the harmful effects of pesticides, the more diligent we should be in reducing our consumption of them.

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Aug/Sept 2011

Season of Change
Through all the twists and turns of his football career, QB Colt McCoy is still standing on the Rock of Jesus Christ.
Minnesota Lynx guard Monica Wright has God’s perfect timing on her side.   

Dear Derek
Charleston Southern’s Jay Mills shares a personal letter to his son as he goes off to college.

Rolling On
In the wake of devastation, FCA’s Gary Cramer and members of the Alabama Huddle stick to the motto of the Tide.

Fit4Ever: The Domino Effect
In our lives, just like dominos, one good or bad decision can lead to more of the same.

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June/July 2011

Dream Team

Lessons on faith and teamwork from Shalee Lehning and the Atlanta Dream

After a milestone victory, pro cyclist Ben King is finding new ways to take his faith to the streets. Click here for web article on up-and-coming pro cyclist Caleb Fairly.  

Divine Power
FCA’s collegiate-level summer baseball team is bringing spiritual energy to Niagara Falls.

Pursuing My Passion
How God has used FCA to prepare one student-athlete to take on the future.

Fit4Ever: Stir It Up
Jimmy Page wants us to stir the waters and become the living stream we were created to be.

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May 2011

Hollywood Hero
The faith of L.A. Dodgers' ace Clayton Kershaw
The best part of Martin and Gerina Piller’s pro golf love story is in its divine details. 

FCA mission teams are bringing lasting change to the nation of Honduras through the universal language of soccer.

Fit4Ever: Training Aimlessly
Jimmy Page urges us to stop training--and living--aimlessly

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April 2011

The Wright Man

Seven seasons in the big leagues will make a man out of anyone. Just ask Cardinals All-Star Adam Wainwright
When medical problems threatened her college carer, University of Missouri track star Lana Mims turned to the Lord and her family to find the strength to believe again. 

Carrying my Cross
How God used FCA Camp and a single piece of timber to change one girl's life.

All In 
Through FCA and Huddle Coach Adam Ledyard, God is transforming both a campus and a community.

Fit4Ever: Four Key Relationships
Jimmy Page explains that when we are issolated from godly relationships, we end up in trouble

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March 2011

Lessons Learned
Just in time for March Madness, WNBA guard and ESPN analyst Kara Lawson reflects on what God taught her as a Lady Vol. Click here for the Lawson video study guide.
How both success and failure can lead us away from God's Truth 

Blue Blood
Thirteen years after winning a national championship, former Kentucky Wildcat Cameron Mills is still amazed at how it all played out.

Cheers for Camp! 
How God brought one athlete into His family through her FCA/UCA Camp experience

Fit4Ever: The Search Party
Jimmy Page encourages us to get started on the greatest search of all: the quest to know and love our Father

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Jan/Feb 2011

Coached Up
In 2009 Coach Caldwell took the place of a national icon. Now, it's time to get to know the man under the headset.
The dating story of Oklahoma Sooners Landry Jones and Whitney Hand - plus what God's Word has to say on the topic

A Redskin's Resilience
He's been through the ringer physically, mentally, and spiritually, but Redskins' safety Reed Doughty isn't about to give up.

Leap of Faith 
With the help of FCA, Middle Tennessee All-American Sarah Nambawa has jumped over many obstacles, landing closer to Christ every time.

Fit4Ever: Living a Fit Life
Jimmy Page challenges us to maintain a healthy lifestyle to accomplish God's mission with energy and vitality.

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December 2010

In the Game
Case Keenum and 80 of this season's top college football players share how they engage the Lord on the gridiron. Click here for the Keenum video study guide.
Through FCA, former NFL linebacker and current FCA State Director Harry Flaherty and family have found their divine callings.

A Kiss from Jesus
San Jose State's Kylie Miraldi has learned that, when challenges come your way, you just gotta keep the faith.

Fit4Ever: Emotional Exhaustion
Jimmy Page asks us to examine our schedule to see if we are making decisions with our time that are leading to an empty emotional tank.

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November 2010

Native Son
With NHL star Mike Fisher's fame on the rise, his influence of faith is heading south of the Canadian border.

A Big Man with a Big Heart
An essay on the power of influence

In his four years under center at Virginia Tech, quarterback Tyrod Taylor is proving that he's been placed in the position for a reason.

Redeeming Love
How God delivered one coach into true love by His definition. 

Fit4Ever: Food for Thought
Jimmy Page explains how the foods we eat affect our brain function and, as a result, how we think.

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October 2010

The Richt Way
Georgia's Mark and Katharyn Richt share what it takes to keep a marriage and family strongClick here for the Richts' video study guide.
An inside look at big-league chapel with the San Diego Padres.

Staying True
FCA book excerpt: The Greatest Coach Ever

Fields of Hope
How 12-year-old Justin Bloxom's Field of Faith decision brought comfort to a community shocked by tragedy

Fit4Ever: The Truth about Wellness
Jimmy Page challenges us to examine our lives and find out how to truly live in complete wellness.

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Aug/Sept 2010

In the Cards
MLB All-Star Matt Holliday
steps up to the plate to answer your questions. Click here for the Holliday video study guide.

The Hunter's Hope 
NFL legend Jim Kelly is establishing a post-gridiron legacy for Christ through his two passions: parenting and nature.

D-Nasty Sunshine
Through Christ, L.A. Sparks All-Star DeLisha Milton-Jones has finally made peace with her inner competitor.

How David Beats Goliath
The Unconventional Way to Win 

Fit4Ever: Get to the Source
Jimmy Page explains that if we really want solutions, we need to make changes to the root of our problems.

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June/July 2010

Mastering the Game
Zach Johnson may be a household name now, but there's more to this success story than the green jacket will tell you. 
Signing on to play soccer at Baylor was a dream come true for Kaitlyn Amos. But she soon found out that God's plan for success didn't match her own. 

Hog Heaven
How University of Arkansas star Zack Cox is leading the Razorbacks to glory. 

The 'Extreme' Difference
In the face of Lou Gehrig's Disease, Huddle Coach Jeremy Williams is inspiring a team, a community and a nation.

Fit4Ever: Time for Revolution
Jimmy Page calls on us to begin taking personal responsibility for what we put in our mouths.

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May 2010
Ray of Light 
For Tampa Bay All-Star Ben Zobrist, the path to success has been clearly devineCheck out the Ben Zobrist video study
The personal accounts of life-changing encounters with Christ at FCA Camps 

The Soul Surfer
The inspiring faith story of pro surfer and shark attack survivor Bethany Hamilton 

Fit4Ever: Reckless Living
Jimmy Page addresses how reckless living can negatively affect our spiritual, emotional and physical health.

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April 2010

Light It Up
Andy Pettitte and other MLB stars on what it takes to shine God’s light in the dark places of sports.
The faith of elite runner Meb Keflezighi as seen through the eyes of a friend

STV Hot Seat 
Q&A with Teresa L. Phillips,  Athletic Director at Tennessee State University 

Fit4Ever: 12 Practices for a Healthy Life
Jimmy Page details 12 proven principles that provide the guidance needed to pursue a healthy life.

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March 2010
Bold and Beautiful 
Can today's strong, competitive female athletes really fit the biblical model of a women? You bet! Check out WNBA's Shalee Lehning video study
FCA and Operation Mobilization international internship is training student-athletes to change the world of sports

The Soil of the Subpar Season
A look at the Parable of the Sower and how we can learn to bring God glory through disappointment. 

Fit4Ever: Win Today
Jimmy Page encourages readers to forget the past and press forward toward their win each day.

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January/February 2010
True Saint
The divine path of quarterback Drew Brees.
Video Updated: Click here for the Drew Brees video study series!
Off-season FCA baseball and softball clinics in California's Bay Area are teaching more than just on-field excellence.

Winter Olympic Preview
Get to know eight athletes competing for Christ this February in Vancouver.

How to Save a Life
The teen suicide epidemic is threatening students at every school; it's time for you to do something about it.

Fit4Ever: One Thing
Got a New Year's resolution? Jimmy Page explains the one thing that helps our plans succeed: focus.

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December 2009

The Heart of Texas
What really drives UT's Colt McCoy.
Plus a four-part Colt McCoy video study series!
Southern Cal freshman quarterback phenom Matt Barkley

Sooner or Later
OU's volleyball star Francie Ekwerekwu is proving that God's timing is perfect.

Competitive Focus
How proper perspective in competition can help us reach our God-given potential.

Unity in the Community
The Atlanta inner-city FCA ministry brings healing and oneness to a divided world.

Fit4Ever: Change your Crave
Got an unhealthy craving? Jimmy Page gives truly satisfying alternatives to poor food choices.

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November 2009

Hurricane Season
Cam Ward and Matt Cullen talk about faith, teamwork and the storm of the NHL.

Overcoming athletic pressure with God's truth

For some young men in Miami, FCA's weekly football camp is all they have. And, by the grace of God, where they find all they need.

Fit 4 Ever: The High Price of Cheap Food
It's a proven fact, Jimmy Page says, that the quality of food we eat has a direct impact on the number of years we enjoy in good health. So think twice before approaching that drive-through.

Suggested books, tunes and other resources from the STV staff.

October 2009
Bright Light in the Big City
STV's Q&A with Big Apple All-Star Mark Teixeira.
Plus a 3-Minute Drill devo with Andy Pettitte!

Stand Your Ground
FCA's Joel Penton wants you to know that you can stand up against the pressure to do drugs.
From the outside, Coach Claudeen Bryant's life may look tough, but if you ask her, it "ain't bad" at all.
A special online edition of Heart of a Coach, featuring Nate Wolf, head track and field coach at Northwestern College (Iowa).
Fit 4 Ever: What Is Possible?
Jimmy Page talks with 51-year-old triathlete Gary Brasher, who will complete back-to-back-to-back Iron-distance triathlons in November.
Suggested books, tunes and other resources from the STV staff.

August/September 2009

Born to Lead
Entering his final season at the University of Florida, Tim Tebow is ready to continue making an impact for Christ.
A look inside the Romans 12-based FCA Camp theme and the transforming power of Christ.
AVP duo Annett Davis and Jenny Johnson Jordan may have opposite personalities, but, when it comes to matters of faith, they're the perfect team.
STV Semester Challenge: Do Hard Things
Every one of you was made for a purpose, and we refuse to let you waste the semester in front of your Xbox 360.
Fit 4 Ever: Reputation or Reality?
Our outward bodies will eventually break down, Jimmy Page says, so shouldn't we invest more time and energy in eternal things?
Suggested books, tunes and other resources from the STV staff.

June/July 2009

Going Deep
The baseball and biblical wisdom of Astros All-Star Lance Berkman
The spotlight is shining again, and this time we're grilling the WNBA's Jia Perkins.
Carey Casey shares what it takes to win at being a dad.
Simply the Best
Only one man can boast the title of "World's Greatest Athlete." Interestingly enough, decathlon champ Bryan Clay isn't boasting at all.
Former Auburn FCA Huddle Leader Allison Whitworth is breaking ground with the new Women's Professional Soccer League.   
FCA's annual getaway offers married couples a weekend of relaxation and total restoration.
When we don't get enough sleep, Jimmy Page says, we run out of charge.
Suggested books, tunes and other resources from the STV staff.

May 2009

Galaxy Quest
There's nothing magical about the career of Chris Klein. Instead, he'd like to think of it as blessed.
In a single season, Pirates closer Matt Capps experienced the incredible.
Behind the leadership of Ted Standing Soldier Jr., FCA is sharing the love of Christ on Native American reservations in South Dakota.
Simple and Pure
Part two of STV's series on sexual purity talks straight to the ladies.
To some, the FCA Girls Camp at Black Mountain, N.C., is as close to paradise as it gets.   

Fit 4 Ever: Water of Life
Water is the single most important nutrient in the body, Jimmy Page says, and it's impossible to be healthy without it.
Suggested books, tunes and other resources from the STV staff.

April 2009

On a Mission
It's no secret that reigning NL MVP Albert Pujols loves the Lord. But what he does because of that faith is changing a nation.
How a late-life encounter with Christ transformed legendary broadcaster Pat Summerall.
Elna de Villiers left Africa to try her hand at American tennis. Little did she know she'd become a missionary in the process.
Going the Distance
An excerpt from FCA's Excellence, on Olympic marathon runner Ryan Hall pursuing an excellent life in God's eyes.
Men, it's time to get real about sexual purity.   

Fit 4 Ever: Crash and Burn
Every day we are presented with choices that will impact our health, and Jimmy Page says the truth about those decisions will always come out.
Suggested books, tunes and other resources from the STV staff.

Oklahoma All-American Courtney Paris may be the one receiving awards, but she's pointing the glory elsewhere.
What can you find out in seven minutes on the phone with Los Angeles Clippers center Chris Kaman? Quite a bit, actually.
James Madison's Heiden Ratner learned a valuable lesson at FCA's National College Conference: You're never too far away to reach people for Christ.
Belle of the Ball
The faith story of Kansas State stat-stuffer Shalee Lehning.
Frank Kelly and his family have adopted a lasting tradition: FCA Lacrosse.

Eyes on the Prize
An excerpt from FCA's "Teamwork," on Milwaukee Bucks guard Luke Ridnour's team mentality in basketball and in life.   

Fit 4 Ever: From Intention to Action
We all have good intentions, but Jimmy Page shares how we can have more success in achieving our personal goals.
Suggested books, tunes and other resources from the STV staff.

January/February 2009

The Man in the Sweater Vest
In the case of Ohio State's Jim Tressel, it's more than the clothes that make the man.
Ole Miss star Alliesha Easley has a fantastic story of triumph over adversity. We're sure you can identify.
One of the most durable men in the NFL, Tennessee's David Thornton is a living example of Christ-like toughness.
Christians and Depression
It's time to talk about the biggest elephant in the room.
The strong partnership between FCA and the church is effecting big change for one Florida school.

FCA Hall of Champions
Class of 2008   

Fit 4 Ever: Stressed Out
Feeling the pressure these days? Jimmy Page's physical and spiritual tactics for handling stress should help.
Suggested books, tunes and other resources from the STV staff.

December 2008

Glory on the Gridiron
This bowl season watch these college football players who are involved with their campus FCA.
University of Maine guard Amanda Tewksbury is set on taking her campus for Christ.
Jackson State's Rick Comegy is leading his team - and his family - to faith through trial.
The Road Less Traveled
An excerpt from FCA's Integrity, on Washington Huskies' Lorenzo Romar living a life with integrity.
This guide will help you not only survive, but also thrive physically throughout this season.   
Suggested books, tunes and other resources from the STV staff.

Corresponding devotionals and video with Oklahoma's Sam Bradford in "Glory on the Gridiron" article!

November 2008

Leading the Charge
San Diego Charger LaDainian Tomlinson is setting a selfless example. Care to join him?
Utah's Kyle Korver has gifts that extend far beyond the hardwood.
FCA Founder Don McClanen followed God's calling to begin FCA 54 years ago this month.
The HEART of Texas
A deeper look at the University of Texas Huddle and how it's reaching the city of Austin
How to prevent physical and spiritual burnout
Take a stand and choose to create a culture of healthy living in your family!  
Suggested books, tunes and other resources from the STV staff.

October 2008

"It's A GOD Thing."
Texas Ranger Josh Hamilton knows Who deserves the praise for his story of redemption.
Challenges behind, Baltimore Oriole Brian Roberts is moving forward a stronger man.
Now in its fifth year, Fields of Faith is still changing lives one field at a time.
What's more impressive than Trinity University's 15-lateral play? The story of faith behind it.
Santa Rosa Junior College-Men's and Women's Swimming, Women's Water Polo Head Coach
Release those doubts and choose to believe in the power of your Father who loves you!  
Suggested books, tunes and other resources from the STV staff.

Check out the corresponding devotionals within the Hamilton and Roberts articles.

August/September 2008

What Matters to Matt
The important things in the life of Seattle Quarterback Matt Hasselbeck.
Your post-camp guide to keeping the fire alive.
Living above reproach on Facebook®
An A-Z guide to one of baseball's most talented trios
Special Guest Column takes a look at today's prosperity preaching.
FCA's ministry is making a difference outside of just the camps and events.
Let's purify ourselves from everything that contaminates with a biblical detox!  
Suggested books, tunes and other resources from the STV staff.

June/July 2008

Free to Run
Liberated from the pressure to achieve, U.S. marathon champ Ryan Hall now has but one goal: to praise his God.
Get to know many of the athletes competing this summer who will be giving glory to God.
Four years after her Olympic silver-medal performance, U.S. track star Allyson Felix is still pushing the limits.
Amid speculation about the Beijing Olympics, what exactly is in store for Christian athletes and coaches in China?
Sign up for an event and get on track to health by training with a purpose!
Suggested books, tunes and other resources from the STV staff.

MLB infielders Tony Clark, Chris Burke, and Josh Fields share important lessons from the diamond.
Softball legend Leah O'Brien-Amico.
With his son's health in jeopardy, lacrosse coach Christian Zwickert is learning more about true healing.
Translation: FCA. And James Oilar is watching as God fulfills the vision for the ministry in South America.
Have nothing to do with those godless myths. Seek God's truth for your health - mind, body and soul!
Suggested books, tunes and other resources from the STV staff.
"Tough Love" by FCA President/CEO Les Steckel.
"Play to Win" by Ron Brown.
Featured idea: Maximizing a Large Huddle.

April 2008

Two for the Show
Brothers Matt and Jonny Diaz bring Christ to the big time.
PGA golfer Stewart Cink keeps his priorities in line.
Oklahoma outfielder Iver McDonald experienced the life-changing power of Christ at FCA Camp...twice.
Athletic injury and the Christian witness
If you are not eating breakfast, you are missing the most important meal of the day!
Suggested books, tunes and other resources from the STV staff.

One of the most accomplished coaches in basketball history, Kay Yow has faced some tough opponents—none more formidable than cancer.
Illini stars Brian Randle and Trent Meacham don’t have much in common–except the one thing that matters.
The Barton Bulldogs gained fame in 2007 for displaying one of the most exciting 39 seconds in college basketball history. What’s even more notable is that they did it for the glory of the Lord
They didn’t ask to become an example of biblical friendship, but these four women can’t deny the lessons they’ve learned.
Jimmy Page and FCA Health and Fitness Ministry cover spiritual and physical training. 
Suggested books, tunes and other resources from the STV staff.

January/February 2008

Get Focused
Toronto Raptor Anthony Parker Breaks Down FCA’s Theme for 2008 and talks about desire, discipline, dedication and destination.
Following in his father’s footsteps, Washington State’s Tony Bennett is striving for success beyond the court.
What do you do when you lose almost half of your team to injury or illness? If you're the Drake Lady Bulldogs, you trust God and let Him take care of the rest.
Every year, God opens doors for FCA to establish new Huddles. Here are five of those stories from 2007.
Jimmy Page and FCA Health and Fitness Ministry challenge you to put your health to the test. 
Suggested books, tunes and other resources from the STV staff.

December 2007

Air It Out
STV Profiles Christian QBs, including reigning champ Tim Tebow of the the Florida Gators, to watch this December.
Coach Jerry Moore's legacy is already established in the Appalachians, but it's nothing compared to what he's building in Heaven.
For Dallas Cowboy Anthony Henry, the road hasn't been easy. But the journey has been blessed.
This summer, FCA partnered with Korean Central Presbyterian Church and Global Christian School in Seoul to host a first-ever sports camp in South Korea.
Abortion, homosexuality and depression. By God’s grace, Mississippi State's Alexandria Hagler has been redeemed.
Jimmy Page, FCA Health and Fitness Ministry Director, fields popular questions regarding nutrition and exercise.
Suggested books, tunes and other resources from the STV staff.

November 2007

Hall of Faith
Why 2007 Hall of Fame inductee Bruce Matthews is in a class of his own.
To a nation of football fans, last season seemed typical for the struggling Detroit Lions. Oh, if they only knew.
Spiritually speaking, Baylor track star Nichole Jones doesn't want to leave anyone in the dust.
FCA offers sports ministry education program to equip staff and expand the ministry.
Believe it or not, 75 percent of Americans will be overweight by the year 2015.
Suggested resources from the STV staff.

October 2007

Get Real
San Diego Padre Jake Peavy is who he is - like it or not.
He may be on the media hot seat, but Clemson football coach Tommy Bowden is keeping the faith, and his cool.
If you're anything like high school senior Olivia Brock, that's not such a bad thing.
FCA's Chette Williams recently released a new memoir. Get the scoop from the Auburn chaplain himself.
His teams may win on the field, but Coach Ronnie Peacock's annual father-son retreat is where the real victories happen.
A Fit4Ever/One Way 2 Play special report.
Suggested resources from the STV staff.

August/September 2007

Tony Dungy talks FCA's four Core Values: Integrity, Serving, Teamwork and Excellence. 
Faith, family and football. That's just how Benjamin Watson rolls. 
In a leap of faith, Dayton Moore left his position with the Atlanta Braves to revamp the Kansas City Royals. 
How Dr. Steve Lucey provides physical and spiritual aid to Cat Whitehill and Team USA.
FCA’s national radio show is set to hit the airwaves this September.
8 tips to rev up your metabolism.
Suggested resources from the STV staff.

June/July 2007

Catching the Fever
Indiana Fever star Tamika Catchings is heating up the WNBA with a little bit of attitude and a whole lot of faith.
St. Louis Cardinal Adam Wainwright talks fatherhood, faith and that famous last pitch.
For the Christian, every day brings a new battle--not physical, but spiritual. Are you prepared to fight?
During his struggle for football success, Colorado Crush QB John Dutton learned who was really in charge.
Jimmy Page talks about eating more than you need.
The STV staff list their top 25 sports moments of the last 25 years.

At age 23, Atlanta's Jeff Francoeur is learning what it means to be a winner.
Sports psychology and the Christian athlete.
The miracle story of pro golfer Craig Kanada.
South Dakota FCA is building its ministry through unconventional partnerships.
Jimmy Page talks about the heart.

April 2007

Super Sonic
Seattle's Luke Ridnour talks small towns and big faith.
The faith journey of world-class marathon runner Catherine Ndereba.
Three Rice University Owls stick together to take on life's challenges.
With the launch of the Coaches Ministry Director School, FCA staff are learning how to lead those who lead others.
The popularity of energy drinks increasing Jimmy Page takes a look at the facts.

March 2007
The defending champion Florida Gators are ready to make another run at the national title, and leading the way is guard Lee Humphrey.
STV investigates how coaches can reach today's female athletes.
Oklahoma senior Leah Rush takes you through a day in her life as a college athletes.
STV talks about the "Impact Play."
Putting God's plan to the test! Eating God's foods today.

January/February 2007

Hoosier to Hawkeye
An inside look at Steve Alford's journey of faith and basketball.
Surviving one of the nation’s roughest neighborhoods and still dealing with the murder of his mother, South Carolina’s Tre’ Kelley is learning to live in the hope of Christ.
Why men today desperately need their Father.
Houston Texan Samkon Gado fulfills his purpose on the football field, the medical field and the mission field.
WUHS cheerleaders find a new reason to cheer at FCA/UCA Camp.
One of the nation’s top female wrestlers opens up about injury, dedication and what it takes to earn respect.
Learn how this can be the healthiest year of your life!

December 2006

Go Irish!
FCA scores at Notre Dame behind gridiron leadership.
When the pressure is on, Alabama's Ronald Steele shows what he's made of.
David Kiehn's investment in D.C. inner-city schools is yielding a great return.
Disappointed after a championship loss, the Nebraska Cornhuskers dedicated to rebuild their team by forming a pyramid.
Carolina Panters Mike Minter and Mike Rucker are more than teammates. They're brothers.
Jimmy Page takes a close look at the top 10 mistakes athletes make while training.

November 2006

Capturing the Cup
Carolina defender Glen Wesley waited 18 years for an NHL title. It was worth it.
With help from UNLV coaches, FCA is invading formidable territory - Las Vegas, Nevada.
Head men's basketball coach, University of New Mexico.
In a hopeless situation, Santa Ana wrestling coach Scott Glabb changed his strategy and came up a winner.
Heart complications took Brittany Ross' volleyball career, but they can't take her spirit.
Training your mind for top performance.

October 2006

League Leaders
MLB veterans John Smoltz, Mike Sweeney, and Tim Salmon share leadership tips from the clubhouse.
FCA' s Rick Parros seeks to unify cultures and empower urban youth in Denver.
FCA's Amy Marino passes her spiritual lessons on to the University of Illinois women's soccer team.
One day. One message. One stand.
Jimmy Page discusses healthy living with Nutrition God's Way.

August/September 2006

The NFL’s reigning most valuable player Shaun Alexander talks about success, delighting in God and what finally made him “cool.”
Inside the WNBA with Adrian Williams, Nicole Ohlde and Tamika Williams
FCA’s Bill Buckley and his team bring relief and ministry to the Gulf Coast.
Identity. We all search for it. We all find it—whether we know it or not.
Jimmy Page discusses proper preparation for an event using the Dynamic Warm-Up process.

June/July 2006

Harlem to Honolulu
Les and Chris Steckel open up about their well-traveled first year of ministry with FCA.
Texas A&M's Sharonda McDonald credits Christ for her quick comeback.
Colorado Rockies infielder Jamey Carroll is no longer getting caught up in the game, he's just playing ball.
Eating disorders have become an epidemic in the United States. Before you or someone you love becomes a statistic, learn how to find healing in the love of Christ.
Jimmy Page talks about how proper hydration is needed for peak performance.

May 2006

Triple Threat
Philadelphia 76ers Kyle Korver, John Salmons and Kevin Ollie.
After secretly battling homosexuality from an early age, former athlete and current songwriter Dennis Jernigan finally found healing in the love of Christ. Part two of a series on homosexuality in sports.
God is using coach Patty Gasso to save softball and souls at OU.
Nutrition and Training

April 2006
'Back on Track
If God’s will is a highway, Russ Ortiz doesn’t want to spend anymore time on the side roads.
Emotional dependency led Yvette Schneider to spend most of her life trapped in a homosexual lifestyle…until her encounter with Christ. Part one of a two-part series on homosexuality in sports.
Find out why this camp is a priority to some of today’s most successful coaches and athletes.
How Much Protein Do You Need?

March 2006
Higher Learning
What to do when God gives you the green light for campus ministry?
Motocross chaplain Steve Hudson talks about his transition from church to chapel and teaming up with FCA.
While some sports ministries compete for the attention of athletes and coaches, those at the University of Georgia have a different philosophy; team up to reach out.
The Top Eight Things You Can Do To Get In Shape

January/February 2006
Victory Road
Three champions recognize that the path to success isn't just about winning. There's a lot to be learned along the way.
Athletes, coaches and FCA staff discuss FCA's new camp theme and what it means to truly give God the glory.
Texas A&M's Chris Walker has become College Station's favorite underdog.
Christian coaches weigh in on how to handle losing your job.

December 2005
San Diego Special
The player/coach relationship of San Diego Chargers' Drew Brees and Coach Cam Cameron.
Keisha Thiebaud and Kara Cornelius—sisters by blood, friends by grace.
Mississippi point guard Todd Abernethy doesn't watch FCA from the sidlines. He gets in the game.
FCA Fitness Executive Director Jimmy Page talks about the importance of body composition.

November 2005

Beyond the Game
For Tommy Tuberville, winning at Auburn means more than just outscoring the competition.
Allison Lambert always wanted to play Division I athletics, but achieving that goal proved to be anything but easy.
With so much public opposition to on-campus religious expression, it would appear that the prosence of God is declining in American schools. But is that really the case?
FCA Fitness Executive Director Jimmy Page discusses the pros/cons of the popular creatine supplement.

October 2005

Face 2 Face
Boston outfielder Trot Nixon opens up about faith, tenacity and the last laugh.
Can parents and students truly enjoy an athletic experience?
More from FCA Area Director, Bill Stutz...
FCA Fitness Executive Director Jimmy Page discusses some of the most popular sports nutritional supplements.

August/September 2005

Superchic[k] and more of today's top Christian bands weigh in on how music fits into sports ministry.
The WNBA's Tynesha Lewis lives a life without secrets.
The NFL's Matt Stinchcomb and Jason Wright donate their time and testimonies to a lasting resource.
FCA Fitness Executive Director Jimmy Page tackles the tough subject of steroids and your health.

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