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Profile: Tracy Stalls

“I want to maximize my potential. I want to love my teammates more and work my butt off — to get back to the gritty work ethic."
                         –Tracy Stalls
Tracy Stalls has been actively involved with FCA since her freshman year at Nebraska.
She has served as an intern at the local office and is currently a part of the campus Huddle’s leadership team.

“I wanted to find a way to serve that included more involvement on the campus,” says Stalls of her leadership position. “I don’t want to walk out of here having just taken. This is a small way I can give back.”

God has used Stalls’ FCA experience and the encouragement from Bubak to help her grow. Having dealt with tendonitis in her knees since she was a kid, Stalls now sees God even through physical pain.

“At times, my knee hinders me from reaching the full potential God gave me, and that frustrates me,” she said. “I’m not as dynamic when my knee hurts. But I am actually engaging with that for the first time — seeing that God has a purpose behind this.

“It’s been humbling, and I definitely needed that. I am recognizing His sovereignty and am turning my attention to His faithfulness. It brings me to the point where I am completely dependent on Him.”

Bubak agrees. “The Lord has used Tracy’s pain to remind her of a need for Him, like Paul having a thorn in his flesh and pleading for the Lord to get rid of it. But the Lord reminded Paul that His power was made perfect in weakness, and I think the same is true with Tracy.”

During her time at Nebraska, Stalls’ priorities and personal goals also have been clarified. Even though she still desires to be an All-American and to be a part of a national championship team, these are now at the bottom of her list.

“I want to maximize my potential. I want to love my teammates more and work my butt off — to get back to the gritty work ethic. A national championship isn’t going to prove anything. It will allow other people to say, ‘She is legit,’ but it won’t prove my potential to me.”

Adds Stalls, “Volleyball isn’t why I live. It isn’t the purpose of my life. The championship game last year was not the epitome of Tracy Stalls becoming great. This is volleyball, and God is so much bigger than that. He gives me purpose that surpasses a championship.”

Photo Courtesy University of Nebraska

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