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Advice on ministering to your teammates

How can you minister to girls on your team who might be struggling with homosexuality? Ask Alex and Bethany.


Advice from Alex Hagler:

First, be grounded in what you believe. It’s easy to manipulate the situation and say it is OK to be in a homosexual relationship because everybody is doing it. You often hear people say that it is the way God made them. The advice I can give is to just love people who struggle with homosexual sin and not judge them. Sin is sin no matter what you’re doing.

If you love people struggling with this sin, they will be confused by that love and try to understand where it’s coming from. That’s when the questions start coming. Soon they may wonder why they are living that lifestyle. And they will start to realize that there is something out there that is better and realize that it is not how God wants them to live.

Second, it’s not your job to preach at them. It was the way that Bethany lived her life and what she stood for that drew me to seek Christ. She also helped change another girl the same way by simply living that light. She wasn’t the type of person who came in and tried to throw what she believed on people; she just lived it. Just be the person God calls you to be; that has more influence than anything.  



Advice from Bethany Workman:

The decisions that you make are important. People saw that I didn’t go out with the other girls, that I was positive and tried to be encouraging in practice and be available if they needed me. People knew I went to FCA because I would make announcements about FCA; but honestly, I didn’t really do or say anything different.

Alex knew that I was involved with FCA so she would come up to me and ask about when it started. After everything happened, one night we were in FCA and our FCA director said that if we needed to make a change or commitment in our lives, we should to raise our hands. Alex was sitting right next to me and I got to pray with her.  

After the fact she told me that when I would come into the locker room there was some sort of fragrance about me when I walked in, just the presence that I had. And I had no idea!

Your actions and your attitudes and the decisions you make are really the things that matter. You can say all you want to, but sometimes you don’t have to. Your actions can speak for themselves. I often share that I don’t have a testimony as far as going through something when I was younger and God freeing me from major sin; but I’ve realized that my life and how I walk is my testimony.

 If there are any other Christians at your school that are bold, hang around them. I have such a good community of Christian friends that I can lean on who encourage me in my walk. When you don’t have that, it makes it harder. 

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