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Mental Training Tips from the Experts

Jim Murphy on…

Jim Murphy is a performance coach, speaker and author who has helped professional, Olympic and collegiate athletes achieve peak experiences in their lives. He has an undergraduate degree in psychology and a Masters degree in human kinetics (coaching science). He also played professional baseball for the Chicago Cubs organization. Previously working in Tucson, Az., Murphy established encouraging relationships with FCA’s Tom Billionis and Richard Lopez. Currently, he works with athletes and teams in the U.S. and Canada and resides in Vancouver, British Columbia. Look for his coaching tips on FSN’s “Baseball Player University” TV show aired throughout the Southwest. For more information visit
Power of Belief:
“Our mind wants to be in a state of homeostasis; it always wants to be comfortable. So, if you believe you are a .400 hitter, your body is going to try and make that happen. If you are hitting .300, it is going to try and get you to .400. But if you believe deep down that you are a .200 hitter, your body is going to try and get you to .200. So, the great thing is, your mind doesn’t care about realistic or impossible thoughts. It just tries to manifest what it believes.”

The Battle of the Mind:
“There are three main obstacles of your mind. First is the ‘Monkey Mind.’ It has way too many thoughts from society, the media, the Internet, TV, etc., and most of those are useless and negative.

“Second is the ‘Great Trickster.’ That’s when the voice in your head lies to you, saying, ‘Who am I to be great? I failed last time, I’ll fail again.’

“And the third is the ‘Judging Mind.’ With this, we want to make meaning out of a circumstance but don’t have all the info; so our mind uses our imagination to add info, label the event and react emotionally. But the thing to do is to not add anything to an event. If you spill your milk, you don’t cry; you wipe it up.”

“Love is the opposite of fear. We want to get rid of all the negativity in our lives and minds. Love is a vibration of energy. So, if you are vibrating with that energy (Christ), you aren’t going to have fear or negativity or doubts because love is others-centered while doubt and fear are self-centered.”

Dr. Julie Bell has a Bachelor’s degree in psychology and a master’s degree and doctorate in sport psychology. For 13 years she has worked with athletes on a variety of teams and in individual sports. She currently resides in Dallas. While completing her undergrad work at the University of Oklahoma, Bell attended one of her first FCA Bible studies. She has since spoken at many Huddles and summer camps. Visit

Dr. Julie Bell on…
Thinking for Excellence:
“There is this assumption that people know how to think for excellence. There are few people who probably do. For the most part, we really need to be taught, counter-culture method, to train our minds methodically so we set ourselves up for success more often than for failure.”

Making Mistakes:
“I recommend people look at their mistakes one time, because they are very valuable to look at once. The purpose of looking at your mistake is to see how to correct it. But once you identify the correction, that is where your focus has to be. If you think about the mistake over and over it is more likely to happen again. If you think about the correction over and over, then that will more likely happen.”


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