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Nixon, second from R, with the Allen family

Being a native of North Carolina, Trot Nixon has developed a desire to reach kids who are walking the same path he took as a child.

Teresa Allen, FCA administrative assistant in Wilmington, N.C., has attended church with the Nixon family for years. When she came on staff with FCA in January, 2005, she knew exactly who to call for an upcoming FCA event.

“I talked with his sister and then called him just to see if he’d be willing to speak at an FCA meeting, and he did,” said Allen. “We shared a video of Trot. Then my husband introduced him, and he gave his personal testimony. He also gave out signed baseball cards to all the kids who came to FCA.”

According to Allen, the impression that Nixon had on those who attended the meeting, which was held at a local middle school, was one that none of the kids will soon forget.

“I think they were in awe,” said Allen. “They just sat there, quiet. They didn’t speak or move. And it was a good witness for them to see that a professional baseball player was not afraid to get up and share that he loves the Lord and wasn’t embarrassed, because that’s the biggest thing with middle schoolers, and even high schoolers. They’re often embarrassed to share their faith.

“I know that the Lord had the kids there that He wanted to be there to hear Trot’s testimony. Even though we may not know all that went on in the minds of those kids, I know that seeds were planted. And with more than just his testimony, by giving of his time, Trot set an example for the Lord. I know that people call him all the time, and his schedule was really booked that week, but he still did it for us. I don’t think Trot is a person who wants a lot of glory. I think he just wants to do what the Lord wants him to do and to be able to do it in a very humble way.”

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