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Coach Legette-Jack Q&A

How are you helping encourage them to be powerful women?
FLJ: I have a book club. We read different books, some light and others serious, to help us come together as a unit. It has helped us jump-start these girls’ spirits to be all they can be. We’re currently going through the Maya Angelo poem ‘A Phenomenal Woman.’

Also, every game we have a woman who is powerful within our state come in our locker room so that our athletes can see the possibilities. The head of our phone company visited our locker room, as did the wives of both the Indiana football and men’s basketball head coaches. We also brought in seven sixth-grade basketball teams so we could let our players know that there are little eyes on them, hoping they’ll do the right thing because they are following them.”

STV: What about brokenness? Have you seen your girls coming into college broken?
FLJ: Some of them you can save and some are just so far apart. That is the saddest thing, cause my whole agenda is to help every kind that I touch. But some of them come from some very tough challenges and all you can do is put prayer up and ask God to reach down and put them in His arms.

You can spend so much time to build that brokenness in one person, that you neglect the team. It is a delicate situation from a coaching perspective. It breaks your heart, you have to remember that the team comes first. But I have the Word and I share that with them and if anyone wants me to communicate the Word with them, I am open to that.


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