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Being Filled with the Spirit
Be continually filled with the Holy Spirit; what that means to a young athlete is be so completely sold out to the fullness of Christ in your heart, continually emptied of yourself. It’s like being in a 2007 Ferrari convertible. When you’re in that $185,000 automobile, and if you’ve got the top up and the windows rolled up, and you’re driving through a rain storm at 60 mph, the rain drops are just pelting your car, but you don’t get a drop of water on you.

But if you let the windows down, or you let the top down, you’re going to get soaked. Being filled with the Holy Spirit is like tightening up the windows and the top so that nothing can get in that car except the fullness of the Holy Spirit. Then when you drive in that rain storm, yeah, you’re aware that you are getting pelted all over by the enemy, but no rain gets in your car.

Protecting your Blind Spot
In 2005 Payton Manning’s (quarterback for the Indianapolis Colts) base salary was $665,000; but Tarik Glenn, the left offensive tackle who protected Payton’s blind side that season, had a base salary of $2,650,000. In 2005, Marc Bulger’s (quarterback for the St. Louis Rams) base salary was $545,000, and Orlando Pace’s base salary was $2,975,000 with a $15,000,000 signing bonus.

Now, if you look at the game you might say, well Payton Manning and Marc Bulger are much more important than an offensive lineman. But the NFL is smart. They know that the most vulnerable place on the field is the right defensive tackle, depending on the defense rushing the blind side of a right-handed quarterback. So they pay an outlandish amount to the guy who protects the blindside of the man who runs the team.

So, I’d say to a young man or woman, don’t watch TV alone, especially at night; watch out for your blindside. If you’re a guy, don’t be alone with a female where compromise is even possible; watch out for your blindside. Get a buddy who, once a week, will meet with you for 5 minutes and ask you this question: In the last week, have you seen or done anything that was immoral in nature? Satan will seldom front-end you. He’s too smart for that. He’ll always come in to your blindside when you think you’re the least vulnerable.

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