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All in the Family

Watson family (L to R): Ken, Karis, Asa, Diana, Joel (in front), Ben and Kristen (not pictured: Jessica and Matthew.
Ken Watson caught the FCA vision in 1974 as a freshman football player at the University of Maryland. He had never heard of FCA until staff member Bill Lewis met with him to start a Huddle. Watson found that he liked it because it gave him a ready platform to share his faith as a college athlete. He even became president of the Huddle his senior year.

After graduation, Ken moved back to his hometown of Norfolk, Va., and took a job as a probation and parole officer in the inner city. For five years, he served in the highest crime areas of Norfolk, all the while becoming concerned with the lack of impact that the local churches were having in the area. He and his wife, Diana, began praying about what God would have them do.

One night he received a call that led to a full-time position with FCA. He spent two years on staff and became involved with reaching young people for Christ, which transitioned him into seminary in Columbia, S.C., and eventually church planting. Since that time, Ken has been involved with FCA, speaking at summer camps and to local Huddles and athletic teams.

In fact, the entire Watson family, including Ken and Diana’s six children, has been a part of FCA Camps and campus Huddles for as long as they can remember. “The family has a very willing spirit to serve the Lord and use FCA as a vehicle to share the gospel,” explained FCA’s Courtney Blakely. “We have a neat partnership, both personally and professionally, because they understand all the folds of the FCA ministry.”

Blakely knows that FCA in South Carolina would not look quite the same if the Watson family wasn’t there. As much as FCA has positively influenced the Watsons, Blakely says that they’ve blessed FCA even more. “We’re so fortunate to have the Watson family living in Rock Hill. We appreciate their willingness to partner with FCA and invest in the lives of young people.

“Above anything else, their commitment to the cause of Christ is most encouraging. And despite what may come to them as a family—regardless of popularity, accolades or possessions—they are the Watsons, and they are passionate about Jesus Christ.” 

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