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Tony Gomez Q&A

FCA area representative Tony Gomez has been the assistant wrestling coach to Scott Glabb for three years. With a rich wrestling background of his own he’s helped train boys into competitive athletes. He also acts as the spiritual coach of the team, encouraging the boys to turn to God with their concerns rather than to gangs or drugs.

During his time at Santa Ana he says he’s learned “a thing or two” from Coach Glabb. One thing being that ministry doesn’t just happen during school hours or on the wrestling mats; it’s a 24-7 commitment. What else has he learned? Read on.

How much impact can a coach have on his or her athletes?

TG: “Think about how much time a youth pastor has with his youth. They might meet twice a week. Then think about the impact a coach has, even just with the amount of time – basically every day from two o’clock until six o’clock. Then they’re also there when they lose, so they’re helping build them up.

“As coaches, we probably see the kids more than their parents do. And we’re not only coaching and dealing with wins and losses, but we’re dealing with whatever’s going on in their lives.
“Whether you’re a Christian or not, the influence you can have by being with the kids for that many hours is huge. It’s about being able to take a kid in and not only teach him wrestling, but also make him part of your life. That’s what’s happening at Santa Ana. Coach Glabb has made every effort to have a positive influence, and implementing FCA has helped him in that.”

What kind of person does it take to train kids to be great athletes and great people?

TG: “It takes someone who is dedicated and who doesn’t burn out. I’m 29, and Coach Glabb is older than me, but he’s just got the energy to do it. He’s faithful to the kids. And that’s what I’ve learned from him as far as doing ministry with FCA. Sometimes it just takes being faithful to a long-term vision. That’s one of his best assets. He’s made a commitment, and he sticks by it.”

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