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Continued Influence

Continued Influence

Amid all the stress and commitments that come with being a Division I collegiate athlete McDonald still finds time to pour into her high school FCA Huddle. Every year since graduating, McDonald has spoken to the students of the Dobie High School FCA in South Houston.

“Sharonda’s influence [on the Huddle] has continued,” says Comeaux. “Based on whatever God is teaching her in college, she comes back and shares that with these kids. It’s like gold to all these high schoolers. They hang on her every word. I haven’t seen many college kids who truly understand what their impact means the way Sharonda does.”

McDonald has a passion for delivering God’s message to her former high school FCA not only because of her platform as one of the fastest softball players in A&M history, but also because she understands how much her own spiritual maturity as a high schooler helped her withstand the temptations of college.

“FCA in high school was huge for me,” explains McDonald. “It was where I learned about the Christian faith and what it means to have a relationship with God. The transition from high school to college was tough, but I had a strong foundation to lean on.”

With FCA in high school having such a major impact on McDonald’s life, she wants to see it generate the same results for those currently involved. She shares her experiences and advice, and hopes to encourage them to take their faith seriously.

“I tell them that when God speaks to you, you need to listen,” she says. “As your relationship grows, you will be able to hear Him more clearly. And when He speaks, you need to react, because when you try your way, you are going to fall and have to start all over again. You might as well just do it right the first time.”

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