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Out of the Alternnative: Part 2 Q&A Web Exclusives

What do you think when you look back on your past within homosexuality?
It was like a refining fire, and I can’t imagine not having gone through any of the things I went through. What the enemy had meant for evil in my life, God has used it for His glory. God has called us to mount up with wings like eagles. And you can’t fly unless you have resistance—some power lifting you up over your burdens. So, the very winds that threaten to destroy you, actually are used to lift you up. And I know that regardless of my circumstances I am His, and that will not change.

How has your involvement with FCA been able to minister to you personally?
I wanted to be so accepted by men growing up, and now to be considered a leader of men—the fact that FCA trusts me and that these world class athletes and coaches would allow me to be a part of something so amazing—I feel respected and valued as a man. I love that.

How would you address a homosexual who said God created them that way?
It has been proven that a child in the womb can be influenced by its surroundings. Sometimes there are things that happen in the womb that pre-dispose us to thinking we are a certain way, but that is not a reality. What is reality? God is our Maker, and if He has made a way for us to be set free, then we have to stop saying what God can and can’t do. And if He is our Maker, why are we listening to temptation to determine who we are? Just because I am tempted to murder someone doesn’t mean I am a murderer. Temptations don’t define who we are, God does.

And I have asked homosexuals the question if they had the choice to go back to their mother’s womb would they choose to come back gay or straight. I have never had one of them to say they would choose to be gay. Well, in a sense they can go back and be ‘re-born’ and be given a brand new identity.

Was your healing from homosexuality instantaneous or was it a process?
In a word, yes! I believe that when I became a new creation, my core identity was transformed forever. On November 7, 1981, I walked away from the homosexual lifestyle and chose to follow after God and whatever He had for me. Who I really am was sealed in an instant. But, my healing has been a process. It took me years to build up the identity of homosexuality in my life, whether or not I consciously knew what I was doing. My belief is that if it took years to build up that old identity, it would take years to tear it down and rebuild God’s destiny for me and my identity.

My life has been a journey of walking with God in an intimate way. As we walk together, He faithfully reminds me when I am letting the old ways determine my identity. No longer do I allow outward things to determine my inner reality.

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