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Carey Casey on Quite Frankly

On October 27, 2005, Carey Casey, former FCA Vice President and current CEO of the National Center for Fathering, was asked to speak on ESPN2’s Quite Frankly about the topic of homosexuality within the sports world. With an opportunity to represent Jesus Christ, other Christians, and FCA on the topic of homosexuality, Casey spoke from scripture, grounding his argument against any type of sin with God’s unconditional love for all people. Here is Casey’s response to his experience on the show and why he believes that showing love is so important.       

I just basically shared the biblical truth and facts about what God has to say about homosexuality. I came from the premises of love. I was in a very tough situation, a very secular, humanist type of situation where I basically couldn’t win in a manor that I would want to win.

I felt that I had to be there in a loving way. That when these gentlemen [on the show], if at all possible, come to their senses, they can call somebody that really loves them and has a knowledge of their struggle. And so that's why I positioned myself and poised myself the way that I did—being very factual and biblical.

I’m finding out in the Christian journey that there are things you've got to stand for that are true, and not everybody is going to believe what you believe. And sometimes I hurt because I don't want to hurt people; I want them to feel good. But, no matter how nice I am, there are things that are going to offend some people when I tell them what the Bible says.

Oftentimes, in the Christian community, homosexuality is “ranked” up there at the top as one of the worst sins. It is an abomination as it states in Leviticus. But then there are other passages in Romans that say it's just the same as idolatry, fornication, lying, cheating, stealing and thievery, if you do it in a consistent basis where it is your lifestyle. And so it's no different.

There are certain people that will invade heaven and there are certain people that will not. And that’s what I said on the show. For example, liars and cheaters will not, and of course the Bible mentions that homosexuals will not. That's a fact; we can't change the Bible.

So I don’t believe we're supposed be tolerant, but I believe, as Christians, we're supposed to be loving. [Homosexuals] are made in the image of God, just like me, but they've just made a certain choice. I'm still supposed to be loving and sensitive.

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