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December 2009 Jimmy Page

Change your Crave

“But they continued to sin against Him, rebelling in the desert against the Most High. They deliberately tested God, demanding the food they craved.” – Psalm 78:17-18

The other day, I saw a billboard for one of the major fast-food chains that said “Eat what you crave” and showed a picture of a gigantic bacon, egg and cheese biscuit.That beautiful biscuit we were told to crave packed 560 calories, 38 grams of fat and 1360 mg of sodium. For the average person, that would be almost a day’s worth of salt and saturated fat in just one meal.

Subtle Substitutions
Got a craving? Try swapping out your unhealthy craving with a good-for-you option:

Unhealthy Craving:
• Ice cream
• Potato chips
• Burger and fries

Healthy Alternative:
• Fresh fruit
• Whole grains
• Grilled chicken and wild rice


Obviously, the marketing guru’s tactic was to appeal to our cravings instead of our intelligence. They know that if we actually use our brains there would be no way we’d eat that garbage.

Take a look back at the Old Testament. Remember when the Israelites were wandering in the desert and God provided manna for them to eat every day? In Psalm 78 the writer refers back to that time when God had set His people free from the tyranny of slavery and was miraculously providing food for them to eat in a desert wasteland. Verse 18 tells us that they weren’t satisfied with the manna, so they willfully put God to the test by demanding the food they craved. Exodus 16:2-3 tells us that the whole community grumbled against their leaders, Moses and Aaron, and that they actually said they’d prefer slavery and death in Egypt over life in the desert. Why? Because at least in Egypt they had pots of meat and could eat all the food they wanted.

It turns out that, when we pursue what we crave, we are telling God that we don’t believe that what He’s provided is really best for us. It shows a lack of trust in His goodness and probably even a lack of self-control.

Do you know the definition of craving? It is simply “an intense desire for something that promises great enjoyment, pleasure and satisfaction.” A craving is the feeling we get when we’re unsatisfied.

Cravings make big promises, and, if we give in to them, we might be satisfied for a short time, but the pleasure won’t last. Most of the time it makes us feel guilty and gross.

But here’s the rest of the story: If we regularly give in by making poor food choices and “eating what we crave,” we will eventually “crave what we eat.” When we eat healthy, living foods our bodies will begin to crave more of them. Conversely, when we eat unhealthy, dead foods our bodies will call for more!

The amazing thing to me is that our bodies are actually made to signal us when we need particular nutrients. However, most of us are eating an unhealthy diet filled largely with fast food, processed meats, salty snacks, sodas and sweets—the very things that create nutrient deficiencies and cravings. Most of us, then, respond with unhealthy solutions that don’t promote health or satisfy us in the long run.

 Stand Strong in the Word

We all need support from the Bible when trying to make wise choices. Try committing some of these verses to memory:
-Psalm 10:3; 78:17-20
10:3; 13:2-4; 21:10, 25-26
John 2:16
-1 Peter 2:2

While it’s true that God gives us the freedom to choose how we will satisfy those signals, the question we must answer is whether or not we will feed our bodies the foods God created for life and health or instead choose foods that make big promises and taste good but lead to sickness and death.

Are you giving in to your cravings? Are you choosing death over life, slavery over freedom, temporary pleasure over long-term satisfaction? Maybe it’s time to trust that God has a better way! This month, crave what God created and trust that it’s one of the best decisions you’ll ever make.

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Medical Disclaimer: All information in this article is of a general nature and is furnished for your knowledge and understanding only. This information is not to be taken as medical or other health advice pertaining to your specific health and medical condition. Always consult a physician or health professional before beginning any exercise or nutrition program.


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