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No "Dought"
By Christopher Hulse

Reed Doughty, safety for the Washington Redskins, who has overcome more than most people will ever have to. When Reed was young growing up in Colorado he developed a hearing disorder, making football extremely difficult.

In 2006, Reed was in his first season of pro football and had his first of two sons; his first son Micah was born with a bad kidney and had a transplant at 18 months. Micah is now doing well. In Reed’s second season, his teammate Sean Taylor was shot and killed in his Miami home. Doughty said, “There is a lot of obvious sadness and grief because football is a big deal here,” and that, “It was hard for me to step into the role and try not to replace him.”

Throughout his career, Doughty has had a large number of injured, one of them nearly ending his career. As the NFL season comes nearer, Reed Doughty continues to improve in his game and grow in faith.

Reed Doughty: A Player for God
By Mandy Huang

You might think Reed Doughty, age 27, is just an NFL football player playing for the Redskins as a safety  is going for the fame, but he is not. He puts God and family first in life. Reed has a strong faith. He tried to trust God entirely throughout his life. He has had time to practice his trusting in God because he and his family had one through a lot. He says, “Being in the NFL has really taught me to give wholehearted trust to God because I know I can’t do it by myself.” This shows he has his eyes on the priceless trophy, which is God. His advice to be a strong Christian is, “so you really have to surround yourself with good people, and what I mean by that is people who are going to challenge you and your faith and support you and hold you accountable and read the Word.”

In the year 2002, Reed Doughy married his love Katie. In 2006, their first son Micah was born. Micah was premature and had kidney failure. Gratefully, Micah had a kidney transplant at 18 months. Currently he is doing well. Later on, after the birth of Micah, they had a baby son named Caleb. He is perfectly healthy. Reed spends his spare time with his family. Micah is now four and Caleb is about 16 months. They enjoy swimming, going to the zoo, watching baseball games and going to the park. Reed especially likes golfing, hiking, fly-fishing and “all those types” of outdoor activities.

Through it all, this Redskins safety proves that you can have a Christian-founded life and maintain a strong loving family while playing in the NFL. This quote stated below is what Reed answered when we asked him: “Where has God brought you?” “You look at anybody’s life and you are going to have ups-and-downs… I have a wonderful family, I’ve got healthy kids, I have a wonderful wife. I have so many positives that most people, they might see the things I’ve been through, but at the same time, you have to look at the blessings I have in my life. Really, just my faith has helped me keep a good perspective on things, and that’s probably the most important things.”

Reed Doughty has Unleashed the Power
By Cory Dykes

Sports media interviewed Reed Doughty for the Washington Redskins. Reed Doughty’s former teammate Sean Taylor has passed away. He says that “there was a lot of emotion and sadness because football is a big deal, especially here in the nation’s capital.” Reed says that “the hardest part about last year was being 4-12, but the more players we get, the more we improve.”

Reed Doughty has a lot of faith in God. He says that “God always comes first, and I know I would not be here today without him.” Reed Doughty went to a small school, the University of Northern Colorado. When asked “how did the NFL find you in such a small school like Northern Colorado?” Reed replied, “They will find you anywhere.” When asked “what do you do in your spare time when you’re not playing football?” Reed replied that he like going to the pool with his family and watching baseball games and also going back to the state he was born in, Colorado.

When asked “do you think that being in such a small school like the University of Northern Colorado affected your draft pick?” Reed says, “It could’ve, but being in a bigger school probably meant that I could of got lost in the shuffle.” When asked “how is your son Micah doing and how did that affect your career?” he says that “my son is doing very well and it affected my life more than it affected my career. Reed’s advice on young Christians is “it’s a personal relationship and you have to be surrounded by good people.”

When asked “how do you think you can help Mike Shanahan change the Redskins team?” he said, “I think that’s one person at a time. And it’s being part of the solution.” When asked “how you got involved with FCA?” Reed replied, “I went to FCA at school every Friday, and I will always be involved with that.” When asked “how do you want to improve your game this year?” he said, “it’s a constant process and that’s why I am successful in the NFL and not just going out there and practicing every day.”

God First
By Nick Gumbs

27 year old, Reed Doughty is the starting safety for the Washington Redskins. Although he loves to play football, he puts God first in his life. Reed is a great role model for young athletes.

“First you have to enjoy it” Reed says. He advises young athletes not to play for money or fame but to play because you love what you do. When kids tell Reed they want fancy cars or other material possessions, it disappoints him because these things don’t make you happy.

The Redskins didn’t have a great season last year. Reed hopes to step up and help lead the defense by creating more turnovers for the Redskins. Reed also says his job isn’t to replace his former teammate, Sean Taylor, but to perform to the best of his ability with God’s help.

Growing up, Reed went to FCA in middle and high school. There weren’t any big power camps in Greely, Colorado where he grew up. In college him and a few of his friends participated in a similar program called Athletes in Action. “It was exiting to see some of the guys turn their lives around.” Quotes Reed.

Reed is an awesome Christian example to all. His faith and trust in God is deep and his understanding for God’s Word is admirable. Reed’s story helps people understand that no matter what happens, you have to keep going with God first in your life no matter what your hobby, job, or sport.

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