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• For stories of women who have been used mightily by God: True Grit by Deborah Meroff

• For men who want to live victoriously in Christ:

• For a taste of global village hip-hop/rap: The Groundwork Theory by Verbs. (
Sample Verb's single Let's Live

"The value of a movement like FCA is immeasurable. We often hear of players and athletes who are known for their skills on the field, but often get caught up in nonsense off the field. FCA is able to connect with athletes, at a high school, college level and beyond, to help encourage those who are believers to continue to stand firm in their integrity and in their serving Christ in excellence. If there is one thing we can use more of in pop sports culture it's athletes who will not shy away from using their influence to define a standard if Godly living in Christ Jesus. I believe FCA helps build those Champions." --Michael Boyer- aka Verbs

• For music from one of the league’s finest punters: Connersvine by the band of the same name, which features Indianapolis Colts punter Hunter Smith on lead vocals. ( Listen to Live for You

 "FCA has been an important part of my development as a Christ follower.  n a world where athlete's are esteemed for their abilities FCA seeks to show athletes their greater worth. Worth that is solely rooted in God and His son Jesus Christ.  Thanks FCA for helping so many athletes understand that the only performance that really matters is that of Jesus on the cross!!"   --Hunter Smith, lead vocals 

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• For a great Christmas gift for teammates and coaches: Heart of an Athlete or Heart of a Coach devotion books (

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