STV Recommends
June/July 2010



• For a hot-off-the-press look into the life of the 2010 Super Bowl MVP: Coming Back Stronger by Drew Brees (coming in July) (Click here to purchase the book)
• For a devotion book for adolescent males raised without a father figure: The Fatherless Journey for Guys by FCA’s Sean Teis (Click here to purchase the book)



• For up-tempo tunes that will leave you wanting more: What We Want, What We Get by Dave Barnes (Purchase the album or visit Dave Barnes website)

• For a rock set that will influence today’s youth through a positive message: Crash by Decyfer Down (Purchase the album or visit Decyfer Down website)


• For an edifying website with relevant content for teens:

--For more stories about faith and sport, visit, the official magazine of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. To subscribe to STV, click here.

Photos courtesy Tyndale House Publishers, Sean Teis, Leann Mueller/Vining Media Relations and The Media Collective