STV Recommends
November 2010



•  For a book that points teens toward their true identity: You Are Not Alone by Shirley Perich (Click here to purchase the book)


• For lovers of The Blind Side who desire to grow in faith and generosity: In a Heartbeat by Leigh Anne and Sean Tuohy (Click here to purchase the book)



• For an intense sound and the largest release in the band’s history: Born Again by The Newsboys (Visit the band's website)

 • For a restoring collection that will keep you tuned in: Light up the Sky by The Afters (Visit the band's website)


• For updates on the day-to-day activities of STV:

• For coaches who want to be great disciplers:

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Photos courtesy of Zondervan, The B&B Media Group, INO Records and Vining Media Relations