Editor's Review: Hard Fighting Soldier

STV Review: Hard Fighting Soldiers
by Janet Goreham, STV Assistant Editor

It’s not STV policy to submit commentary on books and resources we feature; however, after reading Chette Williams’ memoir I felt compelled to commend him and co-writer Dick Parker on the absorbing read. Williams brings to life childhood stories growing up the youngest of six brothers in Alabama, watching them recruited by top college coaches, and hoping one day for the chance himself.

I actually giggled out loud at parts of Williams’ past that made me wonder whether his wife knew about his boyish schemes when she married him. Williams’ vivid descriptions of football conditioning and punishment made me grimace as I remembered my own often painful D-I experience so clearly. I nearly cried when Williams tells of his team’s losses and their bond of brotherhood that strengthens through prayer and transparency.

This book has the potential to intrigue everyone who reads it, from the Auburn-, Jesus-, football- lover to one who is none of the above. And it provides a resource for ministry, told through the voice of someone who is relatable, consistent and honest about what ignoring God had almost cost him. With what he’s learned through the years as chaplain for the Auburn football team it’s evident that since they found faith, the boys on team have never been the same.