The Voice of Experience

By Janet Goreham

Over the course of 26 years, Jim Scroggins , Athletic Director and assistant football coach at the First Academy in Orlando ( Fla. ), has never missed an FCA Camp at Black Mountain (N.C.). Not only has he not missed, but he's also done everything in his power to make sure that kids who want to go don't miss either.

To raise money to send athletes and coaches to camp, Scroggins meets with local churches, Christian business men and Christian farmers. He has even received funds from a local sheriff's department in the form of confiscated drug money.

Read below to find out why FCA's Camp Ministry is so important to Coach Jim Scroggins:

"As I raised money to send kids to Black Mountain all these years, I'd always tell somebody that if we took 60 kids, 20 would come to know Christ. About one-third of those who go pray to receive Christ."

"The Camp Ministry is a powerful ministry. In the last 30 years I've had 30 coaches who have played for me or coached with me who have gone on to be head coaches. Then many of them have gone on to establish Huddles in their schools and have taken kids to Black Mountain . They have reproduced the Camp Ministry in other schools where they've gone. So if you can get one coach and his wife, and get them hooked, they may impact a thousand athletes over a career."

"The Camp Ministry gives a vision to coaches and athletes of what it could be like when they get back to school. And to me, that's the great power of the camp. Not only does the gospel get preached and kids come to Christ, but it also gives a vision for what to do with it once you have Jesus."