STV Recommends
April 2011


 •  For a day-to-day account of what it looks like to glorify Christ through professional running: Running with Joy by Ryan Hall 
(Click here to visit Ryan's website and purchase the book)


•  For the inspiring true story of a man who willingly guides others through extreme environments: The Summit by Eric Alexander
(Click here to purchase the book)


•  For a relevant sound that paints beautiful imagery: See You by Josh Wilson (Click here to visit his website)

•  For music from an up-and-comer who offers a combination of reggae, hip-hop and folk: Hold Me EP by Jamie Grace
(Click here to visit her website)


 •  For an action-filled drama following the life of a professional cyclist: The Potential Inside by Red Cloud Productions
(Click here to visit the website)

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Photos courtesy of New Leaf Publishing Group; Harvest House Publishers; The Media Collective; Red Cloud Productions