STV Recommends
May/June 2012



For one author’s examination of an emotion common to all women: What Women Fear by Angie Smith (click here to purchase the book)



For two new books that take a closer look at the faith of NBA sensation Jeremy Lin and other Christian hoopsters: Playing with Purpose and Linspired by Mike Yorkey (click here to buy Linspired, click here to purchase Playing with Purpose)



For a bold album with a buoyant mixture of fresh music: Where I Find You by Kari Jobe (Click here to visit her website)



 For the dramatic story of four men who learn to consider fatherhood from a biblical perspective: Courageous by TriStar Pictures and Sherwood Pictures (Click here to visit the movie's website)


For a graduation gift package from Interlinc that includes a CD, DVD, gift book, wristband and video testimony from professional surfer Bethany Hamilton: ConGRADulations! Class of 2012 (Click here to purchase the kit)


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Photos courtesy Interlinc, Hoganson Media Relations, The Media Collective, Mike Yorkey, Lovell-Fairchild Communications