STV Recommends
Nov/Dec 2011


• For a real-world parable regarding what you and your team can do to achieve true excellence: Training Camp by Jon Gordon (click here to purchase the book)


For wisdom on how to become a transformational coach and build a transformational program: InSideOut Coaching by Joe Ehrmann (click here to buy the book)


• For a relevant, urban sound coupled with life-affirming lyrics: Destiny by Beckah Shae (Click here to visit her website)


• For a worship revival experience that delves into spiritual roots: The Great Awakening by Leeland (Click here to visit the band's website)


• For an engaging documentary featuring four college students who leave “religion” behind to follow Jesus: Beware of Christians by Riot Studios and Lascaux Films (Click here to visit the website)

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Photos courtesy Jon Gordon; Coach for America; Savvy Media Solutions; Merge PR; Riot Studios; Bancroft Creative Group