STV Recommends
December 2009


 • For the busy sports family looking for cost-effective holiday fun:
  99 Ways to Entertain Your Family for Free by Mack Thomas
 (Click here to purchase the book)


 • For a true story about what it takes to achieve goals:
  Dreaming of the Majors, Living in the Bush by Dick “Lefty” O’Neal
 (Click here to purchase the book)


 • For a self-titled debut album that will leave you entertained and 
    inspired: Mikeschair by Mikeschair 
   (Purchase the album or visit Mikeschair's website)

 • For music with a pop beat that encourages youth leadership:
   The Next Me by Jasmine
(Purchase the album or visit Jasmine's website)


• For those who want to start FCA on their campus: