STV Recommends
March 2009


• For a straightforward look at the Christian life:
     How to Receive Jesus by Valda Lawrence


• For those who want to help create freedom from poverty:
     CompassionArt, book and CD (various artists)
CompassionArt founder Martin Smith on FCA: "Thank you FCA for supporting and inspiring an army of gifted sports men and women. My heart's desire is to see many athletes called to use their God-given gifts and talent to help CompassionArt -- to join the dots between sport, and oppression. Together, let's explore creative fundraising opportunities to help breathe life into poor communities around the world, restoring hope, and igniting justice."


• For a stylish new lid from FCA:
     FCA Contrast Cap, available at

• For anyone wanting to reach the world with the kindness of Christ:
     Facebook's 365 Club, founded by Dave Ferguson

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Photos courtesy of Hourglass Portrait Studio, Winepress Publishing, Sparrow Records.