STV Recommends
March/April 2012


For the tale of a struggling small-town basketball team and one surprising season: Jesse Crosse by Michael J. Moran (click here to purchase the book)


For coaches who need to refill their faith tanks: Wisdom for the Busy Coach by Stephanie Zonars (click here to buy the book)


For a contemporary collection filled with strength and depth: Control by Abandon (Click here to visit their website)


For songs with solid vocals and infectious lyrics: I Have A Dream (It Feels Like Home) by The City Harmonic (Click here to visit the band's website)


For the story of how one man’s struggles left him stranded—and transformed—in Utopia, Texas: Seven Days in Utopia by Prospect Park and Utopia Pictures (Click here to visit the website)

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Photos courtesy Stephanie Zonars; Parkhurst Brothers, Inc.; Publishers’ Hoganson Media Relations; Lovell-Fairchild Communications